New in Thy

Dear new resident, welcome to Thisted Municipality!

We’re proud to welcome you to a very special part of Denmark. We value that this is a place that provides space for everyone and time to be yourself. This is a place that prioritises security and wellbeing for yourself and your children. This is a place that offers attractive work and housing opportunities as well as a unique natural environment.

We know that it is wonderful to live and work in Thy, but we also know that it is not always easy to settle down in a new and strange country, where most information is available only in a foreign language. That is why we have made this guide, so you and your family can find answers to many of the questions that may crop up when you relocate to a new place. This guide offers useful and fundamental information that you might need in your daily life.

So, welcome, once again.

By using the menu, you can find useful information for you as a new resident in Thisted Municipality

On the website you also find a practical guide to a number of things relevant when you are going to work or study in Denmark.