For your technical support and aircraft maintenance SUN-AIR is ready to provide professional care of your aircraft in 3 Service Centres in Denmark. All three centres are specialized in major aircraft repairs and maintenance for Commuter and General Aviation aircraft.

SUN-AIR Thisted Airport dept. (former North-West Air Service A/S) Maintenace - Purchase - Parts sale

SUN-AIR Billund Airport dept. Maintenance - Main & account - Airline

SUN-AIR Tirstrup Airport dept. Maintenance

SUN-AIR is the Danish franchise operator for British Airways and currently operate a fleet of BA Jetstream 31, BA Jetstream 32, DO328 Turbo props and DO328 Jets

We are also:

The Danish dristibutor for Cessna, Cirrus and Money aircraft with an extensive stock of parts.

Specializing in hard-to-find parts.

Overhaul shop for BAe Jetstream and Dornier landing gears and components.

Overhaul shop for misc. DO328 componets

Structural repair shop up to major repairs, including rejigging and wing rebuild.

Non-Destruction-Inspection shop.

Pratt & Whitney Service Center

Specialized in STC conversions and modifications.

SUN-AIR employ 250 persons

For reservations and technical assistance please contact one of SUN-AIR's Service Centres:

Service Centre, Thisted
Thisted Airport
DK-7730 Hanstholm Denmark
Telephone: +45 97 96 53 22
Telefax: +45 97 96 52 62
Contact person:   Kasper  (Mail)    Link til Hjemmeside


Main Centre, Billund
Billund Airport
Cumulusvej 10
DK-7190 Billund Denmark
Telephone: +45 76 50 01 00
Telefax: + 45 75 33 86 18

Service Centre, Aarhus
Aarhus Airport
Stabrandvej 24
DK-8560 Kolind
Telephone: +45 86 36 30 55
Telefax: +45 86 36 32 44